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 Hey everybody! First new post today ;) - I managed to import this community from lj yesterday - the reasons are similar to many of the new members and communities these days, I assume.

I really hope this community gets as many members as at the old place - I am really sorry for the layout at the moment, but I hope I have the time to change it the next few days.

Last but not least, u can find the link to the old lj community by the sidebar, if anybody is interested, and in case, something got lost, what I am not that sure at the moment, I have to say ^^

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Hey, guys. I have been informed by[ profile] empath_peter that she will no longer be able to post as mod here due to RL stuff. I wish her the best of luck and thank her for her help here!

I will be moving house and therefore will not have internet for almost a week, so I am putting the community on hiatus. You might have noticed I have been a bit off with posting for quite some time. I have found that I rarely use LJ anymore and I'm afraid to say that posting here sometimes slips my mind! I still love Milo, but I don't keep up much with his more recent projects and I feel that running this comm is no longer something I am able to do. With that in mind, I would like to offer this community to the lovely [ profile] rolliraserin!

We will still be putting this community on hiatus but we need at least one more poster to help [ profile] rolliraserin out should we ever come off hiatus, otherwise we are not sure how much longer this community will be up for in the future!

I won't delete the blog,so all the delicious Milo pics will still be up, but it is a possibility this community will not be updated from now on! We are sorry it has come to this, I know it's a shame, but thank you guys so much for still following our updates and commenting on our posts and generally just keeping an interest!

If you'd like to volunteer as a mod, please PM me or [ profile] rolliraserin (you might want to PM her though if it's before Wednesday of next week since I more than likely won't have internet!). And then we will consider keeping this blog going!

Many thanks and (possibly) goodbye x

new mod

Feb. 21st, 2013 06:01 pm
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Welcome to our new mod empath_peter!
Thank you for volunteering! 
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Hi there :)

This is a note to say that one of our moderators, quiet_ingenue has decided to step down as mod. I would like to thank her for her help with the community :)

This means we need a new poster to post Milo pics twice a week at the community. Please reply here or message me if you're interested! Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

peter petrelli smile eyebrows

00; new mod

Oct. 6th, 2011 11:02 pm
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From now onwards, our newest mod is [ profile] rolliraserin. Welcome to the team! Looking forward to seeing your posts here :D:D
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It is my sad duty to announce that one of our mods, [ profile] commen_sense , has decided to step down as moderator and poster of the community. She will be sorely missed here at [ profile] milodaily and I'd like to thank her for taking the time and effort to post here. Thanks so much for all your work here, hon!!

This means we will need another moderator to post a couple of days a week. Please, if you are interested, either PM me or comment here ASAP and I will get back to you. It would be a great help! Photoshop skills would be a nice bonus, but it's not necessary. 

Thanks for reading!
Your mod, [ profile] jemmalynette

00; new mod

Oct. 7th, 2010 08:24 am
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Just a quick note to welcome our new mod, [ profile] quiet_ingenue!! Looking forward to seeing your posts here! :D

Thank you SO much to everyone else who offered to help out! We definitely appreciate it :) I sent you PMs but let me know if you didn't get them.
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I'm sorry to announce that one of our mods, [ profile] lucky_star79, has decided to step down as a moderator and poster of this community. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank her for taking the time to post here and share with us such gorgeous Milo-pretty!! It's been wonderful having you as a mod!

This means we will need another moderator to post a couple of days a week. Please, if you are interested, either PM me or comment here ASAP and I will get back to you. It would be a great help! Photoshop skills would be a nice bonus, but it's not necessary.  

In other news, we have also decided to introduce a Request Box, where members can comment, linking to images they would like edited/posted at this community. That way one of us can review your request and post it up here for everyone to see ;-) A link to the post will be in the comm's profile. 

Thanks for reading!
Your Mod,  [ profile] jemmalynette 

00; Hiatus

Aug. 1st, 2010 11:47 am
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This community will be going on a short hiatus during August. But don't worry, we will be back in September to supply the Milo pretty! ;) Have a great summer!  
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Just a friendly reminder to let everyone know not to hotlink any of the images posted here! I recently got an email saying I'm running out of bandwidth :S I doubt it's anyone here but just in case please always save the image and upload to your own server if you want to post the images anywhere else (if the photo has been edited it would also be polite to leave a comment asking if you can repost).

This is important because if any of us were to run out of bandwidth our images would not show up :( Like I said, I'm not blaming anybody here but it's just a reminder to let everyone know!


Thank you!

Apr. 14th, 2010 05:05 pm
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[ profile] lucky_star79 , [ profile] commen_sense  and I would like to thank the wonderfully generous person who paid for [ profile] milodaily to have 12 months paid account!! It was an anonymous gift, so we hope the sender will see this post and know we are very thrilled and  grateful

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the 140 or so amazing people who have joined/become watchers of [ profile] milodaily! Just seeing your comments or knowing you're enjoying the Milo pretty along with us is enough to make our day! I know we're very proud and happy of the success of this comm and we hope to continue it for as long as possible! ;)

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(Apologies once again for interrupting the Milo pretty!)

Because I'm in a rush atm, I'm going to copy and paste an important message [ profile] eriksavatar has sent me about Heroes and the Save One Show campaign:

The fandom failed to get into the Final Five for Kristin dos Santos' Save One Show. We did, however, make it as the Wild Card show. We have one more chance to get our show in the network's face with SOS. Same rules apply: tweet at her or vote on her website (or both!).

Heroes received more votes over on Twitter than any other series, all the more reason to VOTE!! ;)

"For four seasons our fans have made Heroes an international success. This is not only from the on-air audience, but as one of the topmost DVR'd shows, top-selling DVDs, and the number one most downloaded show the world. We owe it to these loyal fans, who have found the show on all of these platforms, to finish what we started. It is because of you that we have gotten this far. So let your voice be counted, and thank you for your support!"
—Tim Kring, Executive Producer

Read more:
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Abusing mod privileges here, but it's for a good cause so I hope no one minds that this isn't a pretty pic of Milo ;)

Would you like to see more of Milo as the sexy empathic paramedic from Heroes? (Well, why wouldn't you?)

Kristin Dos Santos has set up a campaign in which she will help save one lucky show from cancellation. She's asking people to comment on her blog HERE in order to specify which show you want saved.

This show needs another season. It's not always been the best, but it deserves our support. So please sign and support this awesome Peter Petrelli-filled show! :)

Thank you.


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